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We have JetSki's Impellers
PropTech brand propellers

Our Own Brand of Propellers

We are now manufacturing our own brand of propellers with the best quality and performance in Puerto Rico. Our inventory keeps expanding to serve you better with the most popular sizes and pitches of marine propellers. You don't have to spend a fortune or sacrifice quality to better equip your boat.

Propeller Repair Facility

Propeller Repair Shop

PropTech is your preferred propeller facility when it comes to fixing, adjusting or replacing your marine propeller. We offer a wide variety of propeller-related services such as refurbishing, balancing, polishing, pitch adjustment, reconditioning, etc. We work on all propeller makes, sizes and materials. We service all boat makes and models including speed, sail, sports, pleasure, commercial boats and ferries.

PropTech Professional Diver

Professional Diver Available

As part of our variety of services we can provide a diver to uninstall your damaged boat propeller and bring it to our shop. After repairing it or finding a new one, our diver can install your propeller back on site. Call us and let us know about your needs.

Jetski Propellers Impellers

We now have Jet Ski Impellers

We now carry impellers for Yamaha PWC. If you are looking to replace or fix a damaged PWC impeller, let us know. We can help you find a new one or refurbish the one you have after evaluating the damage.

Propeller Shop and Repair in Puerto Rico

About Us

PropTech has been in the boat propeller business for over 40 years. Our vast experience and understanding position us on top of the propeller sales and repair services in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Our business card is honesty, personal service and excellence in every job performed. Satisfied customers return to PropTech every time their props need some TLC. If you have any kind of problem with our services, give us a call, don’t hesitate. We are here to help you. Our client’s satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all marine propellers repairable?

Most times they are. A prop with too much damage that requires too much rebuilding may need to be replaced instead of being repaired. But many people are surprised as to how much we can repair and leave it like new. We would need to evaluate it first.

Is it bad to run a boat with a damaged propeller?

Any kind of damage to a prop's blades will affect your watercraft's performance. It could be just bent or have missing parts. Even if the damage is minor, don't wait. Over time, the bearings will wear, the seals may fail and result in major damage. Let our repair experts look at it before it turns into something more expensive.

Should I repair or buy a new one?

Repair vs. buying a new one. In most cases, if your marine propeller is bent or is missing a small piece it can be repaired for a lower price. But if it is severely damaged or is missing half a blade or more, it is better to consider buying a new or used one. Call us at (939) 303-3088. We will evaluate your situation and advise you what to do.

What is the difference between materials?

Marine boat propellers are made from corrosion-resistant materials as they are used in sea water, which is a corrosion accelerator. The most popular materials used are aluminum and stainless steel. Nickel and bronze are also used. They are 10-15% lighter and have higher strength and cost.

What's the difference between an aluminum and stainless steel propeller?

The primary difference is durability. A stainless steel propeller will last longer and will not be damaged as easily as an aluminum one. Also, with stainless steel you can expect better all-around performance. Nevertheless, the repair costs of a stainless steel prop may be double compared to the aluminum one.

Where should I send my marine propeller for repair?

We advise you to make arrangements before sending or bringing in your propeller for service. Our physical address and Google Map pin are at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Do you accept trade-in or buy used propellers?

Yes! You don't have to throw away that broken, damaged or old boat propeller. PropTech will buy it from you or accept it as trade-in for one in top condition. Regardless of the condition that your old propeller is in we can either refurbish it or use it for replacement parts.

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